Ioana Sisea (born 1988) is a Romanian artist working across varied media. Her work explores contemporary issues such a social perceptions of the body, relationships, family, love and memory, always using her personal experience and cultural background as its starting point. She often objectifies specific elements of a memory or interaction, removing them from their original context and the unchallenged prejudices that it may have permitted. Sisea is largely medium agnostic and adopts whatever mode of expression best suits the conceptual basis of each work.

Sisea received her bachelors and masters degree in Fine Arts from the National University of Art Bucharest and HS voor de Kunsten in Utrecht Holland 2008 - 2012 where she focused on drawing. Since then her work has ventured into sculpture, installation, ceramics and film although she has recently returned to drawing again with works in oil bar. She has shown work in solo and group shows in London, Amsterdam, Venice and Bucharest.



Born: August 1988, Bucharest, Romania

Based in Bucharest

BA  and  MA at the  National University of Art Bucharest 2008 - 2012

HS voor de Kunsten Utrecht Holland 2009




Mogosoaia Museum - Bubble Diary - May 2018 - Romania

Adidas Special Commission - April 2018 - Berlin 

November - January 2018 -   Diehl Gallery  Berlin -  We are both to blame, but it's more your fault - solo show

Escaping Formlessness - Solo show - The room Gallery - Bucharest  November 2016

Ron Arad's Curtain Call  The Round House, London - August 2016 - "Present Continuos"   with London Contemporary Orchestra

Project space - Amsterdam - June 2016 - group show

"IN PERPETUUM"  - Bucharest - April  2016 - Solo Show

Future Identities  Experimental Cinema and Video Art Festival - Kent  (UK) - March 2016

Venice International Video and Performance Art Festival - Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi’   It’s LIQUID Group -  Feb 2016

Galateca Gallery -  November  2015 - Solo Show

Comission  London Contemporary Orchestra at Roundhouse, London, Oct 2015  - "Present continuos" 

Galateca Gallery February 2015  -  Solo Show

Bucharest Art Week  - September 2014

Galateea Gallery -  Bucharest 2014 - Solo Show

La Cave Gallery - 'Metamorphosis'  Geneva, Switzerland 2012 - Solo Show

People Palace - 'Brancusi Gallery' Bucharest 2010

“Aulstubleift”, Das Built, Utrecht, Netherlands - 2009