Ioana Sisea (born 1988) is a Romanian artist working across varied media. Her work explores contemporary issues such a social perceptions of the body,                                relationships, family and memory, using her personal experience and cultural background as its starting point.

                      She often objectifies specific elements of a memory or interaction, removing them from their original context and the unchallenged prejudices that it may have                        permitted. Sisea is largely medium agnostic and adopts modes of expression that best suit the conceptual basis of each work. 


" My practice focuses on womanhood and human relationships as experienced in private life, touching upon topics like motherhood, family, love and personal history. I like to explore the meaning that we ascribe to words and objects and how it reveals our cultural values and metaphysical beliefs.

I construct new objects that imitate possessions from my past or objects from my cultural background. I do this to modify the meaning of items that hold sentimental value for me. By recreating items from scratch, I can explore their emotional impact; I can transform abstract, often uncontrollable sensations of memory into finite objects. I thereby simplify my emotional relationship with the past events that they embody. "




                        Ioana has a BA and MA in drawing and an MA in ceramics gained from the National Art University of Bucharest.