Visiting period: 19th of May – 14th of June 2018   | The ice cellar - Mogoșoaia Palace

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SOAP / RUNNING WATER / METAL FRAME /   1.80  x  7 m - temporary exhibition - the work melts within 2 weeks

The Bubble Diary is a project that stages the relationships’ morphology, it is about
their senses and that dynamic which have been silently assumed by the performers. It is
about what we dare to tell each other at the end, about the rock-words the relation was
built on.
The startup of this project was framed by a personal key, shaped as a down to
earth, sarcastically, as a post-therapy exercise of the artist herself according to her
personal experiences. Then, being brought inside the inner space of the Mogosoia palace
the primary senses have been moved towards another understanding, they have been
reshaped and set in resonance with princess Marthe Bibescu’s writings. So, the whole
meaning and the general staging of this project have been reframed, another type of
meta-discourse was built, new staging iconography was set and the result reviled a totally
different plasticity of the concept - as the project was placed in situ – in the old space of
the ice cellar.
This is an installation project of a 9 x 3,5 m wall built by 150 kg of soap bricks
individually made by the artist herself. This work represents on a metaphorical scale a
certain layer of underground history, an unknown, inaccessible, personal history. The
primary sense which shows the relationship metamorphosis is still, here, but was
moved in another aria of meaning: the history happened the boudoirs, of the whispered
stories on the way from the dining room to the bedroom. A history told from the
feminine perspective, a history kept in the diaries where the personal and general layers
of reality are mixed. And so we directed our researches towards the diaries of the
princess from Mogoșoaia. The studio of the artist, Ioana Maria Sisea became a tête-à-
têtes - de femmes populated by us and Marthe; among her diaries we looked for other
perspectives about history.
This wall of soap which coats the old bricked wall of ice cellar has a strange
tattoo with typographical plumb letters from Marthe Bibescu’s diaries. While the water
will drip over, these histories will be washed, the embedded words will be transformed in
a colored mouse going into underground rivers …. ( Text Ana Negoita )

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