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performance and film / duration 25 min / Los Angeles / 2018 / the action of licking a Rolls Royce in its entirety

“I went to the US and realised how important money and pedigree was. And I noticed how people feel like it's in their responsibility to point out where you fit in the hierarchy. And instead of fighting to prove otherwise, I gave up, I gave in and I did it all the way. The discomfort that was created from the movie is in a way the discomfort of seeing in reality what you try to do anyway. So the responses to this video were: why are you degrading yourself like this? My answer is: it is ok for men/society to degrade women in various public or private ways but when a woman licks a car out of her own free will, and degrades herself it's frowned upon and complained for causing the viewer discomfort!  

I am dressed like a hostess, sexy enough to take people to the table, dry enough not to outshine the date of the men that come there. I am here to offer services as a young attractive woman should.”

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