We are both to blame, but it’s more your fault
DIEHL / 18.11.2017 – 13.01.2018

The texts, all written in Romanian, Ioana Sisea’s mother language, were imprinted by the artist herself using a German letter press dating back to the period of WW2. There are excerpts from her communication with boyfriends, members of the family or friends, that she had archived over the years. Unfiltered and fragile, the communication is directly extracted from her diaries. Still, at the moment she carved all words on the surface of the soap, it feels as if she gifted those conversations to the beholders; they no longer belong to her."

Excerpt from Anca Verona Mihulet text "The secret discipline of ungetting old", written for Ioana Sisea's catalogue "we are both to blame, but it's more your fault".

More info: https://www.galerievolkerdiehl.com/exhibition/is_we_are_both_to_blame

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