ZINA GALLERY / 20.05 - 26.06. 2022

The action of licking a Rolls Royce in its entirety, Ioana Sisea’s filmed performance in L.A. tackles questions of desire and materialism in our current capitalism-driven society. Dressed as a hostess and wearing the affordable versions of iconic design staples like the black dress and stilettos, her performance is a commentary on class and access to luxury. In the role of the precarious character of the luxury market worker, the action of licking becomes a narcissistic gesture. Always licking her own reflection in the polished paint, but never gaining access to the elegant and comfortable interior of the car, her work asks what are the types of pleasure available to us, and how do we make that judgement? Are these the things that would actually give pleasure or is the pleasure just in the attainment of the difficult to attain and the social superiority it delivers?

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