“I’m good looking but not gorgeous,
I’m tall but only 170,
I have some money but I’m not rich,
I’m smart but not a genius,
I live in Europe but it’s Eastern Europe,
I drive a car but it’s a Honda,
I make art but it looks like this”

“Ioana Sisea transforms the familiar into the uncanny, convention into immanence, static systems of meaning into dynamic ones and vice-versa. Focusing on the socio-symbolic relations between the artistic object, the artist and the viewer, her artistic practice is medium agnostic. She embraces the freedom to approach various visual media, such as drawing, sculpture, installation and video, and different styles and art genres according to their impact on the spectator’s perception. Her works give way to subtle inversions, complex alignments and changes of position between the object and the subject, in a genuine game in which the viewer becomes voyeur, therapist and patient.”

Ioana Sisea (b. 1988)
Currently enrolled in the sculpture MA at the RCA London, UK
Currently enrolled in PHD studies at the University of the Arts, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
BA and MA in drawing at the National University of Arts Bucharest, Romania / 2013

Selected exhibitions:


MNTR+C – “Draw me like one of your french girls…” – 05.2021 – Bucharest, RO

Cazul 101 Gallery – “Who’s afraid of birds?” – 09.2019 – Bucharest, RO

Jecza Gallery – “We are both to blame but it’s more your fault” – 07.2019 – Timișoara, RO

Diehl  Gallery  at Night – 04.2019 – Berlin, DE 

Atelier 35 - “Reputation matters” – 03.2019 – Bucharest, RO

Diehl Gallery – “We are both to blame but it’s more your fault” – 12.2017 – Berlin, DE


Zina Gallery - “CRASH” – 20.05.2022 – Cluj- Napoca, RO

Bubble’n’squeak - “Electric Crossroads” – 05.06.2021 – Brussels, BE

OP Enheim – “Every truth has four corners” – 03.2021 – Wroclaw,  PL

Royal College of Art – “WIP” – 01.2021 – London, Uk

National Museum of Contemporary Art – “După doisprezece ani. Producția artistică din România în 180 de lucrări.” – 12.2020 – Bucharest, RO

Magma Gallery – “Future Perfect #1” – 10.2020 – Sf. Gheorghe, RO

Sandwich Gallery – “Double Decker”– 08.2020 – Bucharest, RO

Art Museum Cluj-Napoca  – “RE:START” – 05.2019 – RO
Mogoșoaia Museum – “Aqua Alta” – 05.2019 – Bucharest, RO

Art Museum Cluj-Napoca  – “Blind date” – 2018  –  RO
Ron Arad's curtain call at The Round House  –  2016 – London, UK

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© Ioana Maria Sisea, 2021