Electric crossroads
Bubble’n’squeak / 05.05 - 31.06. 2021

Bubble’n’Squeak is proud to present Electric Crossroads, a group exhibition by an incredible selection of Romanian artists, spanning from crucial figures of the Romanian art history to contemporary emerging artists working across a variety of media. The exhibition is intended as a multigenerational dialogue across time, geographies and art practices to promote fruitful moments of interaction between the presented bodies of work and their cultural histories.
Within the emerging scene of Romanian art, Electric Crossroads features artworks by (in no particular order):
~ Mircea Cantor (b. 1977) establishes bridges with the memory of his childhood, influenced by growing up in a Communist country. Cantor is interested in social differences and the concept of borders and these aspects are clearly visible in his poetic video work and installations.
~ Serban Savu (b. 1978), praised for his photo-realistic paintings, depicting scenes of mundane real life, from graffiti artists, prostitutes to families at the park.
~ Mi Kafchin (b. 1986) touches on themes of transformation, a sort of visual magical realism referring to time, Eastern philosophy and cosmology.
~ Ciprian Muresan (b. 1977), multimedia artist, with his allegorical body of work ponders on post-Soviet life and the decadent conditions of particular social classes. His work is symbolic, yet politically linked to a shared national history.
~ Ioana Sisea (b. 1988) deploys a variety of media and defines herself as “medium agnostic”, adopting whatever mode of expression best recalls memories of her family and past relationships. She also addresses themes connected to the social perception of the body and the inevitable judgment that comes with it.

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Draw me like one of your French girls...
MNȚRplusC / 28.05 – 16.07.2021

Ioana Sisea transforms the familiar into the uncanny, convention into immanence, static systems of meaning into dynamic ones and vice-versa. Focusing on the socio-symbolic relations between the artistic object, the artist and the viewer, her artistic practice is medium agnostic. She embraces the freedom to approach various visual media, such as drawing, sculpture, installation and video, and different styles and art genres according to their impact on the spectator’s perception. Her works give way to subtle inversions, complex alignments and changes of position between the object and the subject, in a genuine game in which the viewer becomes voyeur, therapist and patient.

"Draw me like one of your French girls..." is an installation and performance challenging the long-held practices of society determining a woman’s inner world. The classical motif of the Odalisque is re-interpreted to empower the female subject, placing her in contemporary poses of sexual pleasure, exploration and self-adoration. The title references a request for objectification and sexualisation, given by the woman at her own pleasure. This inverts the history of the Odalisque as a passive, voiceless object of male sexual gratification and transforms male voyuerism into female indulgence of adoration.

The accompanying performance breaks the fourth wall of the Odalisque, physically animating the figure and giving her the power to interrogate her audience. She is given a voice through a set of texts written by the artist. The texts are secret repositories for instructions, impulses and reflections narrating the ideological impositions of sexuality on the female, even in the present day, as well her own sensibilities and sensations.

Performer - Claudia Chiraș
Project coordinator - Ilina Schileru

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Every truth has four corners
OP ENHEIM / 20.03–06.06.2021

Cureated by Mark Gisbourne

Artist list:
Marc Adrian / AES + F / Martin Assig / Blue Noses / Martin Borowski / Sergej Bratkov / KP Brehmer / Killlian Breier / Hal Busse / Zofia Butrymowicz / Carmen Calvo / Olga Chernysheva / Jhonny LHerisson Cineus / Simon English / Amélie Esterházy / Constantin Flondor / Thomas Florschuetz / Nadine Fortilus / Hermann Goepfert / Ivan Gorshkov / Claudia Hart / Susan Hefuna / Marta Hoepffner / Zhang Huan / Ritzi & Peter Jacobi / Minjung Kim / Shigeko Kubota / Tadaaki Kuwayama / Heinz Mack / Alexander Maximov / Christian Megert / Boris Mikhailov / Christiane Möbus / Vlad Monroe / Paul Neagu / Lev Nussberg / Viktor Novatzki / Jolanta Owidzka / Aidan Salakhova / Gregor Schneider / Sudarshan Shetty / Alexey Shulgin / Turi Simeti / Ioana Maria Sisea / Tomoko Takahashi / Richard Tuttle / Grazia Varisco / Jef Verheyen / Herman De Vries / Günter Weseler / Tom Wesselmann

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MNAC / 11.12.2020 – 02.05.2021

Inherited mostly from other institutions and reflecting, up until 1990, the purchase mechanisms of the former communist cultural propaganda structures, the MNAC Collection reflects a nuanced outlook on Romanian artistic life, from a perspective guided not only by value criteria but also by an overview of the social, not only by value criteria but also from the complex perspective of social, economic and political contexts. The art acquisitions sessions organized following the establishment of MNAC Bucharest completed this fund with significant works — independent of ideological, political, conjunctural pressures. Through this approach, MNAC Bucharest emerged as the reference institution for the collection, conservation, research and museographic capitalization of representative visual creation in post-1989 Romania.

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